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Sleeping under the stars

Here you find all places we camped at. By clicking on a tent symbol you get additional infos on the respective site, such as the coordinates, price, etc.


The Great Visa Run

Traveling around Africa is about visa-hunting, especially on the Western route. For our planned trip we will have to get at least 23 visas. For most of these visas there is no way other than trying to get them in the embassies situated in neighbouring countries, because you have to enter (and leave) within a limited period of time. Even trying to find out such restrictions by calling the various embassies proved to be barely informative. So, we have done some kind of „visa-engineering“ in the planning stage, but we are aware that visa availabilities and requirements change quickly and unforeseeably. After all, this is Africa 😉

In the following map we describe our experiences where and how we succeeded (or failed) to get the necessary visas for the countries we visited and you will find the coordinates of the relevant embassies and consulates. Follow us on our Great Visa Run! Weiterlesen „The Great Visa Run“

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